CritIS Synergy EMR

Developed to support and improve the critical care environment of ICU, PICU, and NICU

CritIS is constantly evolved through support and close cooperation with the University of Crete and specifically from the ICU caregivers at the University Hospital of Heraklion under the supervision of Prof. Dimitris Georgopoulos. This direct and close relationship is what drives the success of CritIS..

An intensive care EMR has numerous advantages. It enables all the patients' data to be collected at a single point where can be accessible from anywhere. The automatic acquisition of data reduces human error, while computerized physician order entry limit errors in administering medication. Thanks to computerized data and the appropriate software we can have diagnosis optimization and follow-up of treatments.

Being convinced about the benefits of such information system, the ICU of University Hospital of Heraklion in Greece under direction of prof. Dimitris Georgopoulos, proceeded with implementation of its own critical care information system CritIS. The system was implemented as a tool to boost ICU workflow and help clinicians respond more quickly to patient's medical events at any time and from any physical location.

CritIS stores, groups, and presents large amounts of data generated per patient inside the ICU. When combined with the Synergy-Connect integration solution it automatically captures data from medical devices, eliminating data entry errors and offer to caregivers the opportunity to spend more time with their patients. It creates an integrated electronic record covering the entire stay of a patient in the ICU and beyond. 

Moreover, it includes advanced features such as clinical decision support, presentation-quality clinical data reports, tools tracking a patient's progress and has the ability to exchange information with other hospital medical care systems.

The system allows the operation of a paperless environment, eliminating the cumbersome and error-prone data recording on paper. Patient data, nursing observations and medical treatment instructions can easily be shared immediately throughout the intensive care unit and beyond. Clinical notes, forms and reports can be automatically populated with data from the patient's flowsheets, saving thus considerable time from their daily documentation.

CritIS enhances the workflow in the unit from the moment a patient is admitted until the discharge. It assists the clinical assessments and care planning by providing tools to monitor, design and apply treatments, while at the same time provides support for detailed clinical protocols and creates a rich pool of data for clinical trials.

  •     Web accessible, cross-browser compatibility.
  •     Open architecture, multiplatform.
  •     Integration with other hospital information system through Synergy-Connect
  •     Multilingual interface.