CritIS Anesthesia

Transform Anesthesia with advance solutions offering accurate, legible, and complete anesthesia electronic records 

This intuitive system’s ease-of-use stems from its design that replicates and simplifies all of the steps of the paper anesthesia record. Its graphical display allows the user to drag and drop information, a design feature that streamlines the documentation process and automatically captures data, such as vital signs and other patient information.

CritIS Anesthesia accurately tracks and records all procedures and events as they happen, improving drug capture and OR utilization. As a result, your facility and providers can realize accurate charge capture and maintain compliance with regulations and reporting requirements.

CritIS Anesthesia resides on the same patient record as the rest of our solutions, supporting your efforts to improve patient care and improve efficiencies in your OR.

Either way you go, CritIS Anesthesia is developed to be a key building block for your total integrated perioperative solution.