Who we are

Dedicated to improve the health care environment .

When it comes to important ideas that can help improve our daily tasks, there really are no boundaries. The challenge is to turn those opportunities into reality. Great ideas just come, but they are gone in a breeze as well. Lets make good use of them.


CRITIS MEDICAL SYNERGY IKE (CRITIS MEDICAL) is a spinoff company of the University of Crete founded in 2017 devoted in developing and marketing innovative software solutions for the environment of Hospital’s Intensive Care Units.

The company is certified for ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 13485: 2016 and ISO 14001:2015,

Its vision is to introduce new software products to the critical care environment and make the interaction of health professionals with new technologies more friendly, efficient, and effective.

One of its main activities is the development and support of CritIS Synergy+ software, a system for intensive care units providing comprehensive patient monitoring and automated data collection from medical equipment and laboratories. CritIS Synergy+ for more than 10 years has the most installations of its kind in the Greek public hospitals.

The company has tight cooperation with the University General Hospital of Heraklion (ICU & PICU) aiming for the continuous improvement and evolution of CritIS Synergy+.

Our team consists of experienced medical scientists, experienced application programmers and systems engineers who can turn innovative ideas into novel technology solutions with emphasis on custom applications and specialized services tailored to the expectations of our clients. We work collectively and we love technology and its evolution. At the same time, we support our clients by providing quality technical support 24x7 for the best user experience.

The company is a distributor of Capsule Technologies a global leader in medical device integration. The combination of Capsule integration platform with CritIS Synergy+ creates a complete solution for the ICU environment that is highly competitive, offering multiple benefits by simplifying the flow of clinical processes utilizing the knowledge of the data involved, and contributing significantly to the modernization of intensive care units.