Support and improve the critical care environment
Our products are constantly evolved through support and close cooperation with the University of Crete and specifically the ICU caregivers at the University Hospital of Heraklion under the supervision of Prof. Dimitris Georgopoulos. This close relationship with the direct beneficiaries of our solutions is what drives the success of our end products. 

What we value most


Implementing creative ideas is when innovation begins. It is the result of the creative new ideas being applied, designing them into action, which in turn brings them to life. Without one, you can not have the other..


Key to enjoyable software is simplicity and elegance, not battalions of special complex features. Simplicity and elegance is the ultimate defense against complexity. Simplicity means eliminating the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.


In business as in private life, all successful relationships run on trust. We are doing business based on trust gained from our delivered work and customer satisfaction and not on social and legal systems.

Software solutions for Hospital Critical Care


Web-based EMR solutions for ICU, PICU, and NICU

CritIS EMR was designed and developed in cooperation with the ICU of the University Hospital of Heraklion - University of Crete. It automates and integrates documentation across intensive care unit, admissions, and laboratories. It transforms the critical care environment with precise patient monitoring, clinical alerts and reminders, automated clinical calculations and computerized lists of medicines to be administered. And in an icu environment where the cost of complications is high, caregivers and their patients stand to benefit from every moment refocused on actual patient care.

CritIS Anesthesia

Improves patient safety, data quality, automates documentation

Increases the speed and accuracy of documentation and coding, right at the point of care. Automates anesthesia documentation by precisely recording all acts and consumption of medication reducing the amount of time spent inputting and time-stamping events, leading to improved patient focus.


Your middleware solution for hospitals

Synergy-Connect seamlessly integrates CritIS with HIS, LIS and/or medical devices. Through a series of supported protocols (HL7, ASTM, etc) it allows CritIS to exchange information with other systems. Data such as demographics, medical history, diagnosis, allergies, etc are automatically imported from HIS saving time and freeing medical personnel to focus on patient care. Further, by capturing data automatically from medical devices, it promotes patient safety and reduces the risk of errors improving the overall care quality.