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Who we are

Dedicated to improve the health care environment.

When it comes to important ideas that can help improve our daily tasks, there really are no boundaries. The challenge is to turn those opportunities into reality. Great ideas just come, but they are gone in a breeze as well. Lets make good use of them.

CritIS Medical Synergy is a spin-off company established in 2017 and is headquartered in Athens. The University of Crete is participating as a strategic supporter of its mission. It was financed by KD Synergy Information Systems, a software house company who developed CritIS EMR.

CritIS Medical Synergy’s main activities are in the commercialization of innovative software solutions for the critical care environment in hospitals through research carried out in the ICU and PICU of University Hospital of Herakleion in Crete (Greece).

Its vision is bringing novel software products in to the health care market, and make the interaction of health care professionals with new technologies more effective and efficient.